SFB 1102, Project A4 "Language Comprehension and Cognitive Control Demands: Adapting Information Density to Changing Situations and Individual Users"
  • University of Saarland - 2014-2016
    PIs: Prof. Jutta Kray, Prof. Vera Demberg, Prof. Dietrich Klakow

  • Publications:
  • Vogels, J., Howcroft, D. M., Tourtouri, E., and Demberg, V. (2020). How speakers adapt object descriptions to listeners under load. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience 35(1), 78-92. Full text | Data sets and Stimuli
  • Vogels, J., Demberg, V., and Kray, J. (2018). The Index of Cognitive Activity as a measure of cognitive processing load in dual task settings. Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2276. Full text | Data sets and Stimuli
  • Howcroft, D. M., Vogels, J., and Demberg, V. (2017). G-TUNA: a corpus of referring expressions in German, including duration information. In Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Natural Language Generation (pp. 149-153). Full text
  • Zarcone, A., van Schijndel, M., Vogels, J., and Demberg, V. (2016). Salience and Attention in Surprisal-Based Accounts of Language Processing. Frontiers in Psychology 7:844. Full text